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About Us

PT. Aneka Dasuib Jaya began operating in 2015 by producing and selling spices and herbal products, including graviola leaves, noni, fingerroot and others. In early 2021 PT. Aneka Dasuib Jaya expanded its business into sauces, seasonings and food ingredients. and also started working with franchise companies to supply raw materials. Along with its development, right in June 2021 we imported seaweed (nori) for the first time. In September 2021 we were able to rapidly occupy the market for seaweed (nori) products. Seeing the increasing enthusiasm of the people, we are firmly dedicated to nori products including: sushi nori, nori onigiri, kizami nori, seaweed snack (crispy nori) and nori seasoning. Supported by a skilled and professional workforce, PT Aneka Dasuib Jaya always prioritizes consumer satisfaction in consistently producing quality, halal, hygienic, practical and economical products. Our products have received MUI and BPOM RI certification which are safe for consumption by all Indonesian people.


Company Structure

Vision :

Java Super Food prioritizes customer satisfaction based on
technical skills and a wide range of valuable experience, with
efforts to continue to develop modern food with
combines knowledge and technology.

Mission :

Support: R&D and investment can keep pace with culinary developments.

Maintenance: Strict safety management for food, employee and machine hygiene.

Uniqueness: Emphasis on differentiation using unique seasoning ingredients.

Trust: Prioritizing commitment and satisfaction with customers.

Our Journey



Our garden in Maluku has existed since 2010. It started with planting Moringa plants
(moriga). Until now our plantation area is about 4 hectares. In our garden we grow several plants such as moringa, hibiscus, vanilla to sacha inchi.


PT. Aneka Dasuib Jaya was established in 2015, engaged in wholesale trading of spices and organic herbs located in Tangerang, Indonesia. Starting with a focus on introducing Soursop Leaves (Graviola) throughout Indonesia. In 2018, PT. Aneka Dasuib Jaya developed its business to become PT. Aneka Dasuib Jaya Industry and Trading Company.
Our products include sesame oil, various Indonesian spices, sesame seeds and others.


In April 2015, PT. Aneka Dasuib Jaya did Export for the first time. The first export was soursop leaves (Graviola leave) to Korea. After that, several countries also became our buyers, such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and others. Until now, the commodities exported include soursop leaves, noni (noni) and rosella flowers.


In February 2016, PT. Aneka Dasuib Jaya received a PIRT certificate issued by the mayor of Tangeang for its spices, honey, tea and many other products.


In 2018, PT. Aneka Dasuib Jaya developed its business to become PT. Aneka Dasuib Jaya Industry and Trading Company. The factory is located in Sukabumi area.


Our factory has received certificates from BPOM and Halal MUI. So that each product is guaranteed quality because it is processed with due regard to good Food Technology Standards.


In 2020 we started producing Instant Sauces and other Processed Snacks with R&D and major franchise supply.


In 2022 Java Superfood is Present in Surabaya Precisely on Jl. Kinibalu No. 59B, Petemon, Kec. Sawahan, Surabaya City, East Java 60252. We also provide a variety of products with the best quality and service.

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