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Chief Research and Deverlopment


Graduate School of Industry and Engineering

Seoul National University of Science & Technology, Seoul

Master of Science in Food Science & Technology, Feb 2000

Master  thesis :

Characterization of Lipoxygenase in AOT/Isooctane Reversed Micelles


Seoul National University of Science & Technology, Seoul

Bachelor of Science in Food  Sciences & Technology, Feb1994


NENE Chicken(Franchise Company)

Overseas Business of Dept./ Managing Director

  • Project manager of  making a sauce factory in Malaysia

WhaKyung Co., LTD

Head of R&D & Production Department / R&D Director/ plant manager

Patent & Project

  • Method of production of grape seed extract having natural antioxidant function - Patent captured KR100298512131 (project coordinator) Oct 1998

  • Kimchi flavored seasoning oil and the method for manufacturing thereof - patent application  May 2017

  • Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs - Food materials and semi processing develop project (received 700 million won in grant from the government. Oct 2015

  • Development of 4kinds of barley instant noodle soup - project manager. Nov 2013

  • Development Alaska cod bone Extract and USA.factory equipment setting / Development of seafood flavor by thermal reaction/Project manager

  • Supporting overseas marketing of agriculture products in pyeong taek city in the USA.

General Operation

  • Factory expansion(Pyeong taek factory)

  • project to establish a second factory

  • The tasks related to government officers/Environmental, KFDA, Fire Dept.

R&D Operation

  • General operation manager

  • Develop new product

  • Development of Snack Seasoning, Instant noodle soup, Dressing, Sauce, Retorts Product, coating system product

  • food raw materials development

  • Development of thermal reaction chicken flavor by extruder

  • Method of natural flavor extraction by batch evaporator

Production & QA  Operation

  • Overall Production & QA Team Management

  • Selections & Installation of Production facilities - Sauce packing & chilling line, Vacuum Dryer, Retort, Dressing line, Vacuum Evaporator, Sauce production Line, Powdered Instant Noodle Soup Packing line,

  • Improving Production lines & Production condition

  • HACCP Team Leader

Areumtor CO., LTD.

R&D/ General  Manager

  • Development of chicken salad for sandwiches and coffee concentrate for cake sheet- Deliver to SPC

  • beef seasoning and Naengmyeon seasoning for Distributors

  • Korean style sauce for franchise

  • powdered fish Sauce for food material

Stange Korea co., LTD/Joint Venture/ A Company Invested in Japan(Stange JAPAN)& USA(McCormick)

  • Snack Seasoning Development Staff

       Development of Snack Seasoning related to Lotte, Orion, Haitai, Nongshim


Customization for your brand

R&D JAVA SUPER FOOD menyesuaikan semua bahan makanan termasuk saus dan bubuk yang sesuai dengan merek Anda

Kategori yang R&D kami bisa memproduksi


Snack Seasoning

Instant Noodles


Extract & Extract


 Reaction Flavor

Seasoning Oil

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