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Food material

and Forest Honey

All of our food products are made from 100% selected ingredients without any additives, coloring or preservatives. Processed with due observance of good and clean food processing standards so that consumers can enjoy high quality products. Among our processed food products are roasted sesame seeds, dried vegetable products and dried fruit products.


Roasted Sesame Seeds

Roasted sesame seeds are made from selected sesame seeds which are roasted to produce a very savory aroma and delicious taste in food. It can be used as a mixture of dough and sprinkles or toppings in various dishes such as toppings in sushi rolls, noudle soup and other dishes.


Salt Sesame Seeds

Salt sesame is made from toasted sesame seeds mixed with salt. It is suitable for use as a spice in various processed dishes. Salt sesame can be added to soups, rice dishes, and can also be sprinkled on processed meat and fish.


Gochujang Sauce

Gochujang sauce from Java super food is made from selected quality ingredients. Gochujang sauce can be applied to various food preparations such as: Bibimbap, Spicy Sauteed Squid, Tokpokki Sauce and Kimchi Jjigae Gravy.

saus gochujang_300x.png

Roasted Sacha Inchi

Roasted Sacha Inchi is made from selected sacha inchi seeds that we plant ourselves at our plantation located in the Sukabumi area. Roasted Sacha inch is very good for consumption because it contains Omega 3, 6 and 9. Roasted Sacha inch can be added to salads,  dan yogurt. 

Forest Honey

Unprocessed raw wild forest honey is sustainably harvested by the indigenous people of Sumatra. 100% raw and unheated, so our honey retains all of nature's goodness: pollen, enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, propolis, minerals, and natural flavors.


Bamboo Salt

Bamboo salt comes from Korea. Bamboo salt is made by placing sea salt in a case made from bamboo sticks. This process requires 10 hours of baking at a temperature between 1,000 and 1,300 °C. Bamboo salt is an excellent substitute for sea salt. It can be added when cooking all kinds of dishes.

Coconut Sugar

Roasted Corn Grains

This sugar, which is also called ant sugar, comes from the sap of the coconut tree. Cooked and processed until it becomes crystal. Traditionally made without chemical additives/mixtures and also without preservatives. Holds stored for up to 2 years. The distinctive and fragrant taste and aroma are suitable to replace ordinary sugar to enjoy coffee, tea, chocolate, as well as making bread, cakes and sweetening various food dishes, juices and favorite drinks.

5 coconut sugar 2.png

Roasted corn kernels are roasted with selected corn until they are browned and perfect for brewing to make corn tea. very savory taste and aroma.

Perilla Seeds

Perilla is a plant whose leaves and seeds can be processed and used as a food ingredient and of course it is rich in benefits that are good for the body. Perilla seeds have a delicious taste and aroma so they are very suitable to be added to cooking. Pureed perilla seeds can be used as a spice in cooking. Perilla powder can be added 1-2 tablespoons to dishes such as soups and boiled noodles



Made from selected dried limes. Known as a rich source of vitamin C, it contains 64% in 100 grams per serving.

15 jeruk nipis.png
15 jeruk nipis 2.png

Dried Pare

Made from selected pare which is then processed to dry. The bitter taste of bitter melon has   a myriad of sweet benefits that can be obtained by consuming bitter melon.

8 pare.png
8 pare 2.png

Nipah shoots

The nipah plant is efficacious as a sinusitis remedy. In addition, nipah plant extracts can inhibit various diseases including tuberculosis, sore throat,

13 tunas nipas.png
13 tunas nipas 2.png

Red beet

Beets are tubers from the root of the beet plant or called Beta vulgaris, with a round shape and purplish-red color. Beets contain high carbohydrates but very low fat and calorie content.

6 bit merah.png
6 bit merah 2.png
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