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The moluccasherb brand comes with Indonesian spices and herbal products. Moluccas or in Indonesian is the island of Maluku. Maluku Island is known as an island rich in spices, such as nutmeg, cloves and others. Our goal is for the Moluccasherb brand to be able to compete in the international market with Indonesian spices and herbal products.

Produk Javasuperfood

The following are products from the Moluccasherb brand:

Graviola leaves / Graviola powder / Dried Noni / Noni powder / Moringga leaves / Moringga powder / Moringga oil Sesame oil / Forest honey / Black garlic / Rosemary leave / Cinnamon spice / Pekak (star anise) /

Pekak powder / Paprika powder / Spice nutmeg / Coconut sugar / Flower tea has been / Nipa shoots /

Rosella flower tea / noni vinegar

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