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Halal MUI or what is called LPPOM MUI is an institution whose job is to research, analyze and decide whether products are safe for consumption both from a health standpoint and from an Islamic religious teaching perspective, namely halal or permissible and good for consumption by Muslims, especially in the territory of Indonesia.

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Pom Agency

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BPOM certificates for all 124 types of products from the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency

BPOM is the abbreviation for the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency. An institution in Indonesia tasked with overseeing the distribution of medicines and food in Indonesia. The functions and duties of BPOM resemble those of the FDA (food and drug administration) in America.

Each Halal product has its own Halal logo. Every BPOM product has a number distribution permit and its own QR Code.



Sesame Oil 100%



Rice Paper

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