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Noni or better known as noni is a plant that is rich in benefits, including being anti-cancer and helping to reduce high blood pressure. Our noni products are made from 100% noni without any other mixed ingredients. Our noni products have also received product distribution permit certificates from BPOM. Noni products are available in 2 types, namely in the form of capsules and extract powder.

Noni Capsule / Extract Powder

Made from 100% selected noni which is then processed into an extract powder that dissolves perfectly and without residue. There are many nutritional benefits of noni extract. Noni extract contains antioxidants, polysaccharides, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It is great for providing support to a healthy immune system. Available in 2 types, namely Noni extract powder and Noni extract capsule.

Fingerroot Capsules

Fingerroot extract capsule is made from fingerroot or selected fingerroot which is processed into extract powder which is then packed into capsules. This is good for helping to maintain a healthy body, helping to lose weight. Can be consumed three times a day 2 capsules after meals.

19 fingerroot.png

Turmeric powder

Made from selected turmeric without other mixed ingredients which are dried and then ground into powder. It can be used as a seasoning in processed dishes such as curry, yellow rice and others. Turmeric powder can also be processed into a drink by brewing it  with warm water, honey can also be added (according to taste).

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Moringa or better known as Moringa. Moringa is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It contains large amounts of vitamins A, C, and E; calcium; potassium; And proteins.


Dry Noni

Turmeric powder

Cinnamon Powder

Made from selected noni and then processed until it becomes dry. Dried noni has many benefits, including for immunity.


Made from 100% turmeric that is dried and then ground without preservatives, dyes and other chemicals.

Included in the types of spices that are very flavorful, have a sweet and spicy taste.

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10 turmeric 2.png
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This red rosella flower contains 15-30% organic acids, is rich in various minerals so it has many health benefits. It contains 6x more vitamin C than oranges

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Red Ginger Powder

Ginger is a medicinal plant in the form of clumps and pseudo-stems. Ginger Powder from Java Super food has received halal certification and BPOM. The ginger we use is selected ginger with the best quality.

ginger spek.png

Butterfly Flower

The color is purplish blue, it tastes refreshing when processed into a drink, and is nutritious. A decoction of butterfly pea flowers is believed to cleanse the blood and increase female fertility. 



Intersection key is one of the plants that fall into the category of spices. Key meetings are also rich in benefits. Some of them can help you lose weight.

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